Lisa Munyon

"Lula Marketing helped me rapidly build a strong and engaged social media following for both of my businesses. I was impressed by their professionalism, knowledge on marketing trends, and creativity when it came to making my business stand out. 

As a result of their efforts, we saw website traffic from social media double, and social media consistently brought in at least 20% of our monthly traffic. I would recommend Ashley and her team to any company looking to bolster a social media presence and build strong relationships with their potential customers."

Lisa Munyon, NPN & Notary Jane

Ryan Powers, Uprise Nutrition

“I absolutely loved working with Ashley and her team. They were very professional, knowledgeable and personable. They took great care in learning and road making the success of our brand. They were able to double our social following and helped launch a successful influencer & ambassador program, with over 150 new members each month. They even helped to design new custom branded graphics and created a social page that helped to differentiate our brand among the rest.”

Ryan Powers, Uprise Nutrition

Bloom Yoga

"I have been working with Ashley and her team for a little over 4 years now and have always been pleased with their work. They are timely, reliable, and have done an incredible job picking up the voice and tone of our yoga studio's brand.

Although her team is not physically in our studio, they are still able to make the marketing personal and I'm always impressed with their creativity. Ashley's cheery and sweet demeanor is also a plus. She's calm and quick to respond when changes occur in our plan, and I feel like she's connected to and invested in my business and brand."

Julie Metheany, Bloom Yoga

Danielle Slawsby

"It was my pleasure to work with Ashley for a brief time. I had built my brand with another team and needed to find someone to get up to speed quickly. Ashley and her team helped to make it a seamless process, needing little guidance. She helped with web content, email and social design and management. We live in different cities, but she was always quick to respond to communication. I consider Ashley an asset to any brand and I can only hope that our professional paths cross again in the future."

Danielle Slawsby, My Organic Beauty Bar

Abbie & Jeremie

"When working with Ashley you feel like you have a partner who is equally invested in your business and does not require your hand holding or supervision. She is efficient and passionate about your success and treats your business as if it were her own.”

Abbie & Jeremie Piette, Global Futbol Training

Liese Gardner

"Our work together only gets better as Ashley learns more about my business. She is quick to understand and identify business objectives and the use of social media in achieving them. Her dedication to her craft, passion for finding new ways to use digital applications and easy-going personality makes her a priceless asset!"

Liese Gardner, Liese Gardner Communications