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Global Futbol Training

About the Brand

Global Futbol Training (GFT) was founded by Jeremie Piette, a former professional soccer player with over 7 years of professional soccer experience. As a former pro, collegiate standout, Jeremie knows what it takes to play at high levels and founded Global Futbol to support the future generations of soccer players. His business focuses on long-term player development, technique, and fundamental skills through in-person trainings and online programs and coaching.

Social Media

The primary focus of the GFT social media campaign was to improve the Facebook’s page content and engagement. In just one month, the page saw an increase of nearly 10,000 impressions with no ad spend. The increased views also led to a 207% growth in page reach and a 261% increase in engaged users.

After our first month, our focus switched gears to prepare for a brand and website rehaul. All social media profiles and content had to accommodate a new URL and we were tasked with generating Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook posts for the 160+ blogs on the website. Over the course of three months, we developed a content library that included over 620+ social media updates.


“When working with Ashley you feel like you have a partner who is equally invested in your business and does not require your hand holding or supervision. She is efficient and passionate about your success and treats your business as if it were her own.”

– Abbie & Jeremie Piette,  Global Futbol Training