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Premier Online Gardening Publication

About the Brand

Our principals have worked on the social media and digital marketing campaign for a prestigious online gardening publication. This publication curates stories about the aesthetic value of gardens, plant-based beauty products, environmental policy, the farm to table movement, and other fresh takes on the value of gardening in our modern world. They aim to bring the garden back into people's’ lives while inspiring readers to adopt a dynamic concept of “gardening” based on a collage of perspectives from around the globe.


Social Media Strategy

As part of the team that launched this publication, it was important to grow the magazines social media followings and website traffic as quickly as possible. In order to do this, we posted 5x/day on every social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest), used relevant hashtags, shared articles in relevant Facebook Groups, and engaged the community by using questions and prompts.

In less than a year, we grew their total social media audience to more than 100,000 fans, resulting in over 1 million impressions a month. Since starting with them, social media has consistently been the #1 source of traffic, accounting for 52% of their website visits.


Influencer Outreach

While the specific nature of the Influencer outreach campaign must remain confidential, we were able to use our social media accounts to successful initiate and sustain important influencer relationships. During the outreach campaign we reached out to over 300 accounts with a 23% interested response rate.