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Country & Stable

About the Brand

Country & Stable is a country and equestrian lifestyle company. They provide high-quality clothing and equipment for country pursuits including riding (both horse and rider), walking, and shooting. Their headquarters are based in the UK and in 2016 they expanded their business into the US and needed assistance with tapping into the market.

Social Media

Over the course of 4 months, we grew their total audience by 43%, adding an additional 6,000+ fans to their network. We created content that aided website traffic and sales, and created an engaged community that started sharing consumer content.

During those four months, Country & Stable had the following successes:

  • An average of 60K impressions per month on their Facebook page

  • An average of 2,200 engagements per month on their Instagram account

  • Saw their average monthly viewers on Pinterest climb to nearly 15K

While the community growth and engagement was impressive, another huge accomplishment for the brand was the influx of user-generated content.

Within 3 months we were getting tagged in approximately 3-5 photos per month on Instagram and were able to use a majority of that content on all of our platforms. This was particularly impressive as Instagram was a brand new platform for this client and hadn’t been used yet and the community was grown from nothing.