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3D Printing Toy Company

About the Brand

Our principals worked with an innovative 3D printing toy company that specializes in printing action figures that are customized with faces that match a submitted photo. The goal of the company is to empower children and adults by providing them not only with toys that resemble them, but also feature super-powers and commanding action-figure poses. Each toy also includes a personalized comic strip explaining what powers they possess and how they acquired them.


Social Media

In preparation for their Shark Tank debut, we quickly took to growing their social media fan base by harnessing the existing Shark Tank fan base, and comic book / superhero community. In just a few short weeks, we increased their followings by over 2,500 fans.


As the Shark Tank debut approached, we used our channels to promote the viewing times, and live tweeted during both the East Coast and West Coast air times. On the day of the debut, our social media impressions soared over 350,000 impressions - primarily due to our active engagement on the night of airing.


Over the next couple days we continued to tap into the engagement that was happening around Shark Tank and the 3D toy brand, while working closely with their PR team to enhance the exposure the brand was getting. We also assisted with the influx of customer service inquiries that were coming in via messenger to both the Facebook and Twitter accounts.