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Notary Jane

About the Brand

Notary Jane is a membership-based online database of notaries. When we first started with the company, they had not yet launched and it was our task to build a visual brand that was beautiful and easily recognizable, as well as grow an engaged community that was invested in the brand for a successful launch.

Building a visual brand

We started by deciding on compelling and engaging content pillars that represented what Notary Jane stood for and complemented their service offering. This meant content was focused on entrepreneurship, business building advice, and advice for business women as they account for 84% of the notary population. It was also important that we focused more on business building tips than specific notary nuances so we could differentiate Notary Jane from the other membership services that are more focused on specific job task advice.

These pillars served as the basis of our content marketing plan and included mini, advice-driven blogs coupled with on-brand photography, and branded graphics for quotes and questions that we created with Notary Jane’s existing design team.


building a community

Once we had a consistent and recognizable visual brand in place, we actively grew our community with notaries - and the positive response we received was overwhelming.

Within 6 months we had grown our total social media following to a little over 3,000 with an extremely high engagement rate. It was not uncommon for our posts, especially the question posts, to have 45+ comments on both Instagram and Facebook.

The Facebook post depicted below reached nearly 90% of our total Facebook community, when the industry norm is between 1-3%. While we did have an advertising strategy in place, it’s important to note that this level of engagement was purely organic. The two posts below, for example, had absolutely no budget behind them. During the 8 months we worked on this campaign, our content never had less than 60% of our total page following engaged with our posts over the course of a month.

NJ - IG - Viral.png
NJ - FB - Viral.png


"Lula Marketing helped me rapidly build a strong and engaged social media following for both of my businesses. I was impressed by their professionalism, knowledge on marketing trends, and creativity when it came to making my business stand out.

As a result of their efforts, we saw website traffic from social media double, and social media consistently brought in at least 20% of our monthly traffic. I would recommend Ashley and her team to any company looking to bolster a social media presence and build strong relationships with their potential customers."

- Lisa Munyon, NPN & Notary Jane