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National Paralegal & Notary

About the Brand

National Paralegal & Notary (NPN) provides document signing services primarily to title companies, lenders, law firms, and debt settlement companies. Our goal through this campaign was to elevate the NPN brand so it would be recognized as a leader, grow its online community with qualified notaries and paralegals, and increase website traffic.

Social Media

When developing our content strategy, it was important that we addressed both of our target audiences: the service providers (notaries, paralegals), as well as the companies that employ NPN (title companies, lenders, etc.) We did this by creating a mixture of content pillars that appealed to the different markets. For example, we used paralegal humor to build a relationship with NPN service providers, while using hard hitting real estate news to appeal to lenders and title companies.

We quickly found that humor posts resonated deeply with our audience and not only received a lot of engagement but grew the Facebook page organically. In fact, after several months we were able to make one of our posts go viral with over 70 shares, and 6,500 impressions (over 6 times the amount of our page followers!). That same month, we increased the number of page impressions 7 fold, and tripled the number of engaged users.


For this campaign, we also designed several promotional and testimonial posts and found that our organic engagement rate was on par with our non-promotional posts. This is a rarity for social media, however, because we employ the notaries and paralegals that make up much of our social media community, they were eager to engage and help us market ourselves, so in turn, we could bring them more work.


Blog Campaign

After working on the social media campaign for nearly six months and building a solid and engaged community, our focused shifted to increasing website traffic. One of our tactics for doing this was to start publishing weekly blogs. Our team was tasked with writing blogs, managing a team of NPN writers, and developing a blog style-guide. We also implemented a social sharing system and programmed social sharing buttons, photos, and pre-written social posts into each blog.

In our first month, we saw the percentage of website traffic from social media double (16% to 33%), and it remained at 20%+ each month moving forward. We also saw the number of sessions from social media triple.

Email Campaign

In order to keep our network of paralegals and notaries engaged with the company, we also started a monthly email campaign. It was important that we were building a quality value-driven relationship with them and focused emails on providing business support and additional ways to get involved with the company. These email campaigns had an average open rate of 24% when the industry average is 20%.


"Lula Marketing helped me rapidly build a strong and engaged social media following for both of my businesses. I was impressed by their professionalism, knowledge on marketing trends, and creativity when it came to making my business stand out.

As a result of their efforts, we saw website traffic from social media double, and social media consistently brought in at least 20% of our monthly traffic. I would recommend Ashley and her team to any company looking to bolster a social media presence and build strong relationships with their potential customers."

- Lisa Munyon, NPN & Notary Jane